Artist statement

Since my childhood I have always been attracted to the contact with the earth and the formal aspects of the world around me. My work in sculpture begins with pencil sketches or directly with clay. Some of these sketches will be transformed into small sculptures in clay and then cast in bronze. Sitting women, lying woman , liberated women,  all express the intensity, power and delicacy of the female body. All these different aspects and angles characterize the universality of women. Today I create jewelry that resembles sculptures, while keeping the appeal of three-dimensional models. For me, the exciting part in the creative process is the research of hidden sides in my own personality.  This is an evolutionary process of maturation and refinement of expression.


The creation of sculpture and jewelry is a rewarding experience  that allows me to break from the daily stress and to immerse in a dialogue with myself. Physical contact with the material and the ability to shape it, with my own hands, is for me an experience that has no substitute.